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  • The era of creative economy is a period where economic and management concepts are intertwined with digital and IT issues. In this infinite world, we live in a five hundred million miles globe that has a population of about 8 billion people.

  • We 24 people scattered in 4 groups (India, Australia, Japan, Singapore) who dream of expanding the tools to simplify the life of wise people. Everything was under the internet. A webinar on application design in Google Meet was the beginning of the story.

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  • The path of a big dream:

    there are 8 billion people on earth. According to research, 5.7 billion people have smartphones. people spend an average of 3 hours of their life in applications every day. Nowadays, our lives are intertwined with mobile applications. According to the latest published news, in 2020, the income of developers in the global markets was about 200 billion dollars. Two main parts of mobile app drama: 75% in-app purchases_25% in-app advertising Entering this attractive market is not too difficult. with several years of experience in the field of development and production, ewa's team will help you enter this money-making market. You can leave your production and development to us or participate with us in the production and development process with the crowd-finding method at the lowest cost in the field of production and development. Ewa is an international ecosystem that has produced and developed several projects that you can participate in and expand your capital in a safe and easy way. contact us for more information. Ewa is not a hero, Ewa is a hero's weapon.

    According to these statistics, 67% of the world's people are active mobile users and 80% of the phones used in the world are smartphones.

    It is also predicted that the number of mobile users in the world will reach more than 7.33 billion by 2023.

    Surveys show that nearly 50% of this population are connected to the virtual world and the Internet only through applications. Which is attractive due to the wide and acceptable sources for using this technology.

    Research shows that poeple spend almost a third on their waking hours using mobile phones, with an average on 4.8 hours per day on apps.

    Now let's check with ourselves, this volume of time and resources for using the internet and applications is not small, isn't it time to have a fresh and up-to-date look at this reality?
    With the help of specialists, we will open a new gate of applications for you To make the path of your loved ones smoother in the digital life ahead.
    It is hoped that we will be proud to be your partner in this way.


01 App Creation

We make custom software development simple and cost effective

Full-stack, creative & business oriented software solutions that drive revenue and scale up enterprises.

  • Full-stack
  • Creative
  • Business oriented software solutions

02 App Integration

Application integration enables applications and systems that were built separately to work together, resulting in efficiencies that cut costs, uncover insights, etc...

  • Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Events and actions
  • Data mapping

03 App Customization

EWA enables start-ups to transform their existing systems into modern, efficient, and responsive systems. As a strategic partner with a deep domain and technology experience in modernization solutions, we enable our clients to stay future-ready by optimizing costs, reducing time-to-market and improving user experience!

  • Monolithic to Microservices
  • Service Orchestration using ESB tools like Mule Servicemix etc.
  • Cloud-based architecture

Advanced features

We are a one-stop shop for all your development needs.

Analysis & Requirements Definition

Requirements analysis is critical to the success or failure of a systems or software project. The requirements should be documented, actionable, measurable, testable, traceable, related to identified business needs or opportunities, and defined to a level of detail sufficient for system ...

UX Design & Prototyping

UX design is such a broad field, so gather your resources and prepare to do some serious background research.The very first step in the process is to identify the user problem for which you’ll be designing. At this point, you’ll focus on building empathy for the target user, carrying out ...

Software Development

Software development is the process of conceiving, specifying, designing, programming, documenting, testing, and bug fixing involved in creating and maintaining applications, frameworks, or other software components. Software development involves writing and maintaining the source code...

Software Quality Assurance & Testing

In software development, testing and quality assurance are the processes that ensure software meets performance and usability requirements. Testing and QA may also play a role in identifying what the requirements of software are in the first place...


Five Simple Step To Started Working Process

  • Analysis & Requirements Definition Step - 01

  • UX Design & Prototyping Step - 02

  • Software Development Step - 03

  • Software Quality Assurance & Testing Step - 04

  • Support & Maintenance Step - 05

Technology & Development Stacks

We Are An Expert Software Development Company And Use The Best Technologies And Platforms To Deliver High-Quality Products.

Mobile Technologies

Android - Swift - Objective C - React Native - Kotlin - Flutter - Xamarin

Front-end Technologies

HTML5 - CSS3 - JavaScript - TypeScript - React - Angular - Vue

Back-end Technologies

Node - .NET - C# - PHP - Java - Scala - Python

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